Veronika Earney (Emma Jane Mitchell), early 20's, elegant and fashionable, strong willed. Veronika is the daughter of a former alternative rock group producer, and former East Valley High bad girl, she cleans up her act after new boyfriend Dillon takes her under his wing making her the love of his life. She initially tries to maintain her relationship with alcohol after a less than responsible upbringing by her father, but validates her childhood and goodness by her actively catholic mother primarily raising her. In her first appearance she agrees to go to Dillon's "life changing experience church" after a solid date night, yet fears becoming very religious.

Shortly thereafter Veronika implores Dillon to move in with her, even though they are not married, he gives a dissertation on waiting that pushes her away enough to return to drinking and eavesdropping in distrust of his motives. A relationship that is evidently on the rocks very early on Veronika walks out on Dillon claiming he is perfect and holier than thou as a Christian by micromanaging her unhealthy imperfect flaws. Dillon is labeled as being too perfect by Veronica and she walks out on him in the first episode.

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