Thea Swanson (Jessica Jordan), a 15-year-old, Thea is a freshman and close with her sophomore sister Savannah and friend Sydney.

Her best friend is Hayley Sundin, with whom she is seen at the Sundin apartment preparing to play some video games after school in the pilot. Although she is popular and well liked she has a quiet side and uncharacteristically for a popular girl she likes Star Trek and science fiction. She claims she is not a nerd though likes to be entertained by it; she is most definitely not a geek but sometimes dresses a bit like one. Thea has been interning at a veterinary clinic and works part time at a pet store between high school classes.

Thea and her sister Savannah have a sibling spat prior to the East Valley Academy Show choir try-outs when Thea wants to spray glitter all over herself. Savannah sets her straight telling her it's an audition not a showoff competition.

Known for her unique hairstyles she also has a flash for a dramatic dance or song while being apart of East Valley Academy's Madrigal Show Choir.

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