Savannah Swanson (Rylee Cravens), is a show choir performer and the most popular student at East Valley Academy. A blonde, big personality Sophomore, Savannah is 16. She's sarcastic, only open-minded with her friends, athletic, a bit edgy, she is very extroverted and is very intimidated by Erin O'Byrne, the president of the school's drama department. Savannah is best friends with Sydney Ashdown and close friends with Tessa Stockton, Teagan Janney, Ellie Cross, among others including lots of boys. Like Sydney, she lives with her father in a four bedroom mini-mansion located in a cul-de-sac on private property near Granite City, IL. She also has a younger sister Thea, who's a freshman.


 Savannah often goes by the nickname Savvy, especially by the students she is surrounded by. She and her best friend Sydney are always hanging around guys during, before, and after school. Savannah has an on again off again boyfriend Shane. Shane, who in the pilot episode is flirting too much for comfort in her eyes with former close friend Londyn Downy, his ex-girlfriend, is her antagonist.

Ms. Fritz, music teacher at East Valley academy and the director of the school's new Show Choir program, allows Savannah’s best friends Sydney and Teagan knowing beforehand, knowledge of an arrangement for a new high school show choir. Miri walks into an after class pre-audition with Ms.Fritz and Savvy’s BFF’s then tries to become her friend for some knowledge of the event. Ms. Fritz looks at Savannah as the teacher's pet giving her the requirements on what the judges will be looking for in the auditions to make the madrigal show choir squad. There is a rumor going around school with some students that a show choir is being formed and Savannah divulges the information to a known nerd Miri, who is friends with Erin O'Byrne that Savannah tries to deceitfully encourage the two to try out, ultimately to make a fool out of them during the auditions.
As a songwriter she is often seen at the schools song stage singing solos or duos. She enjoys rehearsal time singing with new school transfer student Eben which early on develops into a close friendship that can't quite turn the corner into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Sydney in the way for competition. After being seen with his X-Girlfriend Londyn on what looks to be a date, Savannah’s boyfriend Shane, is torn between Savannah and his X in the pilot and into the subsequent early first season episodes. Along with track Savannah is pushing towards receiving scholarships for the Juilliard School in New York, where she aspires to study music and dance.

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