Principal Guidry (Joe McGettigan), High energy, professional and personal. He’s an open-minded, ethical man. Principal Guidry is a former corporate executive and the new principal of East Valley High. He is also the newly self-appointed leader of the school advisory council by way of cutting the budget and the previous regime of council board members. Guidry added his own group of handpicked teachers to act as the new council members and use other resources for alternative funding like “Box tops for education clippings” brought in by all teachers and faculty. Not by his choice and under protest teacher Mr. Rowley has been volunteered to by Guidry to work as a council member in the pilot episode.

Principal Guidry establishes personal appreciation from students, teachers, and faculty by taking enough time to build the relationships and deep trust. Hialeah, a philosophy teacher at East Valley High, has built a trusting relationship with him, even confiding in him about every day personal student conduct that has happened between rival students Sydney and Erin in the third episode. One teacher, Mr. Neil, sees the Principal Guidry as a true idealist. There are glaring differences between guiding and leading the school as a teacher and as leaders between Guidry and Neil. The glaring differences are depicted to key philosophical visions on the outcome of student’s path to success and the monetary disbursement of very little funds. For all their arguments, all of their surface differences, the two are quite similar. Arguments usually initiated by Mr. Rowley by an unorthodox yet proven strategy from Guidry are commonplace. Principal Guidry is a practicing Buddhist. He works well with the Christian community, as well as others, finding ways to resolve their differences to not only co-exist but also thrive. In the third episode he is present along with other Christians and faculty teachers/students gathered around praying for the safe recovery of a student who attempted suicide in the classroom.

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