Mr. Neil Rowley (Neil McDonald), Straightforward, blunt, open-minded, ethical. Mr. Neil Rowley, who goes by Mr. Neil and is a teacher and newly appointed school advisory council member.

By default not by choice Mr. Neil has been volunteered to work double tasks at East Valley Academy School by new Principal Ron Guidry due to a new participatory budgeting process in the pilot episode.

Although he is not addressed with such a title, it is evident that Mr. Neil is a science teacher in some capacity as he is teaching his class about the possibilities of life on the planet Mars in the pilot episode.

A community leader and friend to many, Mr. Neil mentions to Principle Guidry that half his friends and neighbors have been laid off so he is very aware of budget cuts going on in the workplace.

Mr. Neil is an obvious asset to the staff and council under Principal Guidry however Mr. Neil sees the Principal as a true idealist. There are glaring differences between guiding and leading the school as a teacher and as leaders between Guidry and Neil. The glaring differences are depicted to key philosophical visions on the outcome of student’s path to success and the monetary disbursement of very little funds. For all their arguments, all of their surface differences, the two are quite similar. Both are men of resolute vision for education in a state that is unyielding on the funding ceiling for schools.

In the third episode Mr. Neil is mentioned as being the most senior teacher at East Valley Academy school when his close friend and teacher Mr. Stu Charles is dismissed from school for a scandal. 

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