Miri Cyanne (Malissa Williams), is the freckle-faced girl next door, (Although she covers them with makeup often). She portrays herself as a cool geek. Sophomore, 16, shy at times, open-minded, strong willed, she is extroverted but in a her own eloquently straightforward way.

She is BFF's with Erin O'Byrne and more than an expert Jazz flute player who lettered her freshmen year. Although it is not spoken of as the scene was cut she mentions her freshman year that the high school orchestra team finished as finalists in the state competition with her as a flute playing integral member. Miri sings a number of solos during the auditions leading up to an spot on the eventual madrigal show choir team.

In an early episode Miri is first introduced as a geek to popular girl Savannah Swanson, invading her bubble in the gym, trying to introduce herself with an ulterior motive of bridging the former friendship between her BFF Erin and Savannah. Portraying a geek seemed to be the only way Miri and ultimately Erin could get any sort of attention from Savannah.

Very confident in herself Miri states if you want something you have to go for it. However she plays as though she is shy, Geeky, and unsure of herself to get early audition information out of teachers pet Savannah for a new show choir group to join herself and her BFF Erin. Miri and Erin successfully carry out this rotten ploy on Savannah to play her a fool.

In the pilot episode East Valley High’s new madrigal show choir team holds first time auditions. Counselors have placed an in school only restraining order between Miri’s best friend Erin and Savannah. Erin mentions to her best friend Miri that the counselors shouldn’t restrict her from participating if Savannah makes the team due to such a large turnout and need for a large choir team.

Miri lives with her parents in a three bedroom home located in nearby Pontoon Beach, IL.

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