Londyn Downey (Brianna Langford), is a Sophomore at East Valley Academy and known as a popular, sporty, well dressed to impress cheer-captain for the cheerleading squad.


Londyn likes to dabble in other students affairs; she is seen in an early episode commenting to Erin O’Byrne about a classmate showing off her dental work to the teacher for attention.

Her former best friend Savannah Swanson is now not an enemy, but rather competition to win the heart of skirt chaser guy Shane.

In several early episodes Londyn is seen sitting next to Shane closely as if an item again even though they are exes and Shane and Savannah are a couple. Londyn and Shane discuss a former moment of their relationship when she mentions “remember when you used to sing Brown eyed girl to me.”  After Savannah barges into Café Pinxtos with the two sitting at the same table alone in this common cafe social spot a decision must be made by Shane, Londyn remains and Savannah storms off.

Londyn takes advantage of an opportunity to take Savannah’s on again off again boyfriend Shane back when she tells Savannah’s best Friend Sydney she is not moving out of St. Louis after all. Londyn sets up a specific café confrontation and unexpectedly gets tag teamed by two of Savannah’s friends.


 Londyn works part-time mostly after school as a sales representative at the Triumph Sports store in St.Louis. She is seen in the pilot episode selling sports skorts to the East Valley High Track and Basketball coaches in an effort to cut down on costs. 

A very convincing personality, her charm suits her beauty well as an effective sporty sales rep, Cheer-leading captain, and popular girl who is at the top of her game.

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