Landon Lofton (Cody Jarvis), One of Dillon and Bogroe’s roommates in the same apartment. Early 20's, Standoffish to people whom he doesn’t know on a friendship level yet he is extroverted when among family, friends, and students. He shares the rent with Dillon. Landon’s third-wheel roommate Bogroe is merely tolerated by Landon. Bogroe who Landon saw as an annoyance in the first half of season one, and saw as a little brother in later episodes; was best friends with Vanessa Lee in high school after she is introduced in the third episode; he had a crush on Vanessa when she was introduced but was already in a relationship with Tara, which was referenced to several times. Landon, like Dillon has his own bedroom in the 2 bedroom apartment that is fully furnished in Granite City, IL.

He goes by the nickname “Lan”, by the students he is surrounded by. He and his roommate Dillon are majoring their college courses in Applied Developmental Psychology: Variability in teacher-student interactions, Continuous measurement of teacher-child interactions, and the Student Classroom Experience. Courted by a number of basketball college recruiter’s when he attended Granite City High a few years earlier it’s not yet established if he plans on playing basketball after attending this first two years of college as a Psychology student. Landon is also a basketball coach for the Junior varsity squad at the local high school. Landon states in the first episode that he and his girlfriend Tara are together happily, however it is apparent that she has a stronghold on his activities at times as he is able to play video games with neighbor Brody while she is away with her family in Chicago. Blinded by love he states all he can think about is what she must be doing while away and he is going to be sick.

Often a fun guy to watch a anime or a basketball game with. He tends to find ways to score free or cheaply find a way around paying a lot for up close St. Louis sports seats for the big game or comic-con.

The neighbor Jaris, a widow, with three kids is often over as she is a good friend of Landon’s close roommate Dillon. Landon often shows a heightened animosity towards Bogroe and his laziness of hogging the couch when they come over specifically in  the Pilot episode.  Dillon’s neighborly Christian ways soon start to rub off more and more on Landon as he soon starts to warm up to them and to others who used to annoy him to no end. 

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