Kaidence Crews (Jaime Fritz), A bubbly blonde who is known to be in Principal Guidry’s business and always willing to help out others at East Valley Academy.

She openly offers visits to anyone with a tie to the school anytime and participates as a lead school guidance counselor. She is known for also giving  tours of the school, offices, and classrooms throughout the series when seen.

Her first appearance is in the pilot episode but she is first seen in her office facilitating a counseling session with freshman student Hayley Sundin and her mother Jaris in Episode 3. Hayley reports a disturbing event that some friends felt uncomfortable having their shoulders rubbed by Mr.Stu.

Known for stepping over the lines during tours, especially when conducting tours. Particularly with other area superintendents and higher ups during tours she points out things beyond face value stating what they are for not just a reaction but a countermeasure of retaliation due to the schools status of being in diar straits.

Essentially she can be sarcastic but be serious about her accusations when giving tours.

Quote example "And over here you will see the musical orchestra classroom, oh and there's the teacher Ms.whoever will listen to me now conducting a ballet of wisdom and wasteful school spending on students who only want a credit hour to make it through to next year."

She is responsible for having the in-school restraining order go into effect after counseling rival students Savannah Swanson and Erin O’Byrne.

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