Jaris Sundin (Courtni Aries), a 32-year-old widowed supermom, playfully bubbly, and mother of two high school twin kids Hayley and Griffin, and a pre-teen Roxy. Jaris is noticeably pregnant with a fourth child on the way in the first few episodes of the series.


Often misunderstood for being so alike in many ways Jaris sees her eldest daughter Hayley as a mirror image of her own personality, but Hayley has always wanted to verbally combat her every move and be different.

In the pilot episode Jaris refers to her first high school dance as a failure by having to ride in the back of her dad's pickup truck. Jaris doesn’t want Hayley to follow in her footsteps by not riding in a limo even though it is not paid for by Hayley's boyfriend. The two introduce their war on words as a regular series occurrence.

Often on the rebound from a mother/daughter communication breakdown or an all-out argument Jaris deliberately tries to find ways to bring the love and mothering back to an even keel level with Hayley. Hayley is Jaris personal "fashion consultant" not just critiquing but picking out clothes for her to look more than up to date, and a smokin' sassy mom. Additionally the two often cook for themselves and their college roommate neighbors. Hayley asks to borrow ingredients often from Dillon.

Jaris has found that her early twenties college neighbor Dillon to be as much as anyone could ask for as a “filler father figure” after the death of her husband, Johan. She often cooks for Dillon and his two other roommates and comes over with her kids to watch taped Swedish basketball games of her late husband and current sports.


Upon Khalil’s loss of his last immediate family member in the pilot episode Jaris specifically conveys her support and understanding of family loss with Khalil, a classmate of Hayley and Griffin’s. Shortly after Khalil’s attempted suicide, Jaris and her daughter Hayley offer support by cooking and providing extra blankets to Khalil knowing Dillon has essentially become a foster family to Khalil.  Jaris lives near Granite City, IL in an apartment across from Dillon with her three children. 

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