The Cast of Up on High Ground

 as Dillon Magnum

Brayden Patterson is an Actor, American Film Director, and Producer.

Brayden Patterson is the stage name for actor Brian Newman. He started his career very young as a background actor in a Christmas play.

After acceptance into Images Talent Agency as an actor he then was enrolled in professional basic acting classes. Brayden then was asked to attend iPOP which is the "International Presentation Of Performers" in Los Angeles, California, Brayden decided to pass on this first major career offer.

Brayden is now represented by Azalea Agency out of Saint Louis, Missouri and also by Manikin Model & Talent Agency, out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Brayden has since been involved as the lead role Zeus in the independent feature film "Hercules: The Brave and The Bold." The film has also introduced Brayden with an opportunity to be on television. The Mayhem Network started a new TV show by CAW Productions called "ThriveTV," and Brayden along with some fellow cast members were on one "ThriveTV" episode promoting the film. Brayden made his TV debut in a guest appearance live in early 2012 on the television program "TMZ".

Brayden's next job was an extra in the short film called "Hero Man." "Hero Man" will be shown in different film festivals around the world. It premiered on July 11, 2012 at the Cinema St Louis Filmmaker's showcase.

Also in 2012 Brayden has been cast in roles for several other films one called "Documenting the dead", "Resolve", and also a role as a drug trafficker's video gamer friend in a short film he co-wrote titled "To Inflict".

Brayden spearheaded the launch of "To Inflict" from it's infancy and moved into the role as a producer for the film. He also worked with Producers from that film on into this TV project (Up on High Ground) throughout 2013 as a co-creator,producer, and lead actor in the series.

Character Profile
Dillon (Brayden Patterson) – Along with his best friend and roommate Landon he’s a college student majoring in applied
developmental psychology directly studying at East Valley High in teacher-Student interactions. A devout Christian, Dillon is a rare
almost out of his element steward of upright moral behavior setting forth examples to love thy neighbor particularly with his widowed neighbor and her children.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Brayden Patterson at The Internet Movie Database

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Cody Jarvis - Actor Headshot

as Landon Lofton

Cody Jarvis is an Actor and feature film director. While taping the first season of Up on High Ground as the second lead actor, he was also writing his first feature film "Whisper" in St.Louis.

Cody was also an actor and an assistant director in the St.Louis feature film Hercules: The Brave and The Bold along with Brayden Patteron, Bryan Kreutz, and Joe McGettigan. While taping Up on High Ground he also starred in a short film titled "Aberration".

Character Profile
Landon (Cody Jarvis) – Best friend and roommate with College student colleague Dillon, he is also a basketball coach at East
Valley High. He’s often a fun guy to watch an anime or basketball game with at the apartment. Also a devout Christian he has to be
reminded of patience and good will as Landon merely tolerates their third wheel roommate Bogroe who is his antagonist throughout most of the beginning of the program

 Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Cody Jarvis at the Internet Movie Database

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Billy Patricks

as Bartholowmew Bogroe 

Born as Bill Ingoldsby under the screen name Billy Patricks, he grew up in St. Louis, MO and graduated at Lindbergh High School in 2008. Became a painter right after high school and have been doing that for almost 5 years now. Some of his hobbies are playing sports, parkour, drawing, playing video games and practicing accents/voices. Began acting classes and improv classes in mid 2012. Received his first role as Theron in Hercules: The Brave and the Bold in early 2013. Patrick will be starring and assistant directing in an upcoming action film 'Whisper' in 2014 and assistant directing in a feature film called 'I Miss Me' later in 2013.

Character Profile

Bogroe (Billy Patricks) – Couch crasher roommate who originally was going to stay for a month and has still been paying nothing for
several months. One of Dillon’s two best friends since early childhood, an overly confident and worldly young thirties man in need of Christ. His mysterious employment status is often the subject of frequent debate. He gets all the girls, has connections to get
basketball, baseball, and hockey tickets often, which is always a bit shady

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Billy Patricks at The Internet Movie Database

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as Savannah Swanson 

Rylee Cravens is an Actress, American soccer player, and musician.

Rylee began acting at age 10. She was cast into her first acting role in the St. Louis independent feature film "Hercules: The Brave and the Bold" in 2012 alongside her two sisters Molly and Cali. Upon finding a place in her multitude of talents she stated "I have been acting since I was 10 years old and completely fell in love with it." Rylee also has a passion for music and can play several different instruments that include the Saxophone and Piano. She is also a talented singer.

Rylee is a rising star in the area of acting. Rylee was invited to play a significant role in the workplace of the lead character that exposes outwardly the significant social issues the lead character inherently possesses in "To Inflict". Rylee was also among a select few invited to play a substantial role without the customary and usually necessary audition.

 For this program (Up on High Ground) Rylee takes on her biggest role so far in her young career as the lead female, Savannah Swanson.

The producers sought out an actress that they had worked extensively with before and who fit the profile with character attributes of a popular girl who has everything.

Character Profile
Savannah Swanson (Rylee Cravens) – Nicknamed Savvy. Sophomore, 16, Savannah the stylin’ popular chick has an on again off again named Shane. She is a best friend with Sydney Ashdown. She knows beforehand information on auditions for the new high school show she’s a teachers pet, this makes her rival and former friend Erin O’Byrne jealous and starts a feud among friends in the pilot episode.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Rylee Cravens at The Internet Movie Database

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as Griffin Sundin

Matthew was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He has wanted to be an actor for as long as he can remember. When most toddlers were watching cartoons, Matthew was busy acting out scenes from The Wizard of Oz and Singing in the Rain. One of his first roles was in Wizard of Oz (as a munchkin, of course)- so those movies made a big impression on young Matthew. He cannot imagine ever doing anything in life except acting and dancing. Matthew has danced competitively since age 6.

Becker is also apart of the Muny Kid Touring Group @ The Muny St. Louis Missouri.

The producers of the program (Up on High Ground) selected Matthew Becker as the first casting choice for available roles upon completing the first three episode scripts. Becker had previously worked together with many of the producers and even actors on Independent feature films in St.Louis. 

Character Profile
Griffin Sundin (Matthew Becker) – Freshman at East Valley Academy with his twin sister
Hayley. A multi-talented dancer, singer, and basketball player he gets private basketball lessons from coach Landon a year before
he is supposed to be in high-school. He is best friends with Cameron who is also Muny-theatre kid like Griffin and encourages him to try out for the new school show choir.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Matthew Becker at The Internet Movie Database

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 as Sydney Ashdown

Sydney Thomas has been involved with theatre, singing and dance for a number of years.
She is currently a part of the Pick-a-Little Chorus in Shooting Star’s production of The Music Man.
Sydney has been in many St. Louis productions and one of her favorites was Jesus Christ Superstar.
She has also been a part of other musicals including Les Miserables with Young People’s Theatre and Honk Jr. at COCA.
Along with acting, Sydney has had dance and vocal training for the past five years.
Sydney aspires to some day be on Broadway and on film.

She was cast in the role of Sydney Ashdown the same day she auditioned with producers.

Character Profile

Nicknamed Syd. Sophomore, 16, She is a best friend with Savannah Swanson. Syd is Prone to sarcastic remarks. New transfer student Eben who lead his last high school to State in show choir the previous year enters into Syd’s life and the two begin to secretly date even though Syd has a boyfriend Jake.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Sydney Thomas at The Internet Movie Database 

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as Hayley Sundin 

Molly Cravens is an Actress, American soccer player, and musician.
Molly began acting at age 7. She was cast into her first acting role in the St. Louis independent feature film "Hercules: The Brave and the Bold" in 2012 alongside her two sisters Rylee and Cali. When starting to act she stated "I just acted out scenes in movies and shows and loved it." She loves sports particularly soccer and is a very talented player in the Saint Louis Metro area as well. Additionally she is a musician particular instruments she plays are the Trumpet and Piano, which she has played in a music video duo alongside her sister in summer 2012 available on

Molly is a rising star in the area of acting. Playing a substantially older character in the short film "To Inflict" Cravens rose to the occasion with a small but strong performance. Following up her performance she is co-staring in Up on High Ground with many of the same actors in the short film "To Inflict" and Hercules: The Brave and The Bold. In spring 2013 she was invited by producers to play the significant supporting role of Hayley in the TV series Up on High Ground. 

Character Profile
Hayley Sundin (Molly Cravens) – A 15-year-old “Verbally-vivacious freshmen” with a widowed mother. Haley has a twin brother Griffin. She has a habit of walking
into her neighbor’s apartment occupied by three roommates without knocking then making an awkward off the wall comment
upon entry. Her catchphrase is “Do we have to start like this” following after a rude remark.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Molly Cravens at The Internet Movie Database

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Erin Morris

as Erin O'Byrne

Erin Morris; is an American Stage, commercial, and Film Actress. Erin's started taking acting classes at the age of seven.

Soon after acting classes she appeared in her first TV Commercial and Performed in Stage plays which include: A Christmas Carol, Flat Stanley, and Annie JR.

In 2012 she was cast as Young Anaxarete in The St.Louis Independent film "Hercules: The Brave and The Bold".

Later in 2012 Erin was cast in the role of Webcam Kid in an action drama short film "To Inflict".

Many of the producers recognized her strong performance in the last two film projects she was involved with them on set. The projects were both in the St.Louis area and along with Matthew Becker she was the first to be cast in a role for the pilot. Playing Erin O'Byrne in Up on High Ground, it was agreed upon by her and producers to keep her first name for the role.

In the summer of 2015, while finishing taping "Up on High Ground", Erin appeared in the lead role "Belle" in the theatre musical "Beauty and the Beast". (O'Fallon Theatre Works, Greater St.Louis Area)

Character Profile
Erin O’Byrne (Erin Morris) – Erin OByrne, is a sophomore, high-school drama class president as a student at East Valley Academy. Erin is a pretty red haired girl who sings as an integral part of the state finalist show choir team. She's 15, but doesn't drive. The youngest of three sisters, she is open-minded, athletic, as well as is introverted, and knows she intimidates Savannah Swanson, her classmate rival, with her strong mind and smarts. Erin mentions to her best friend Miri Cyanne, that her in-school restraining order with Savannah shouldn't restrict her from participating in a new school show choir. Erin develops a quick crush on her younger, freshman classmate, Griffin Sundin, as the two quickly become a very stable couple. Erin plays acoustic guitar and sings solos and is one who makes the new show choir team after auditions are held. Evident by harsh looks at each other with an ongoing school fued, Erin and Savannah are singled out by Mrs. Hialeah to stand front and center in psychology class as do not do examples, then assigned a cooperative project together. 

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Erin Morris at The Internet Movie Database

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as Brody Vanderschmidt 

Bryan Kreutz is an Actor, American TV Director/producer and a radio voiceover personality.

Bryan began acting at age eight.
Also Intrigued by the production and direction of plays, film, and video Bryan  produced, co-wrote, and starred as the lead character in a fan film Star Trek series as a teen that spawned 60 episodes.

Kreutz created neighborhood activities like street hockey and baseball home run derby leagues. Complete with stats and a full production of graphics, sound, and post game analysis of a neighborhood all-star-game in his teens.

Bryan then went on to Broadcast center in Clayton,Missouri, graduating in journalism  and broadcast communications.  Bryan was placed by his school placement agent to his first radio job in a town just outside of Peoria Illinois at the age of 20, where he assumed the role of Sports director overseeing the department at WKEI and WJRE Radio and also did the play-by-play voice.

After a several year hiatus from acting, Producing, Directing, and Radio voice-overs Bryan returned to Radio as a producer in late 2006 at KJSL in St.Louis. At the same station a year later he wrote and voiced his own live weekly segment as a Star Trek Analyst on the Bob Wells Show from Dec 2007 - May 2010

In 2010 he became the Director and producer of the Christian Television Network (CTN) affiliate program "Revolution 618" in which he also played an integral part of producing and creating the concept of the program.

In May 2011 another CTN Premiere gave Bryan credit as Director and as Executive Producer for a Co-Created TV program titled "Rescued Nation TV". Released to viewers on the CTN network and later on CW affiliates.

Since February 2013 Bryan and other producers began been working on the early stages of development for "Up on High Ground". aside from acting in a   supporting role as Brody he is a co-creator, writer, and Executive producer for the series.

Character Profile
Brody Vanderschmidt (Bryan Kreutz) – One of Dillon and Landon’s neighbor’s in the same apartment complex. Brody is the serious
one, 30’s, who doesn't understand sarcasm, immature, slight geek who doesn't know it. His apartment is barely furnished, but 
littered with toys and coin-operated arcade games. He’s a fun guy to kick it with often. 

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Bryan Kreutz at The Internet Movie Database

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as Principal Guidry 

Joe McGettigan, Represented by West Model & Talent Management, a St. Louis Modeling/Acting agency. Joe has done projects around runway, voice overs, print and video products. Most recently a Television commercial for Schnucks grocery stores.

Joe was cast in the St. Louis independent feature film in a lead role (Poseidon) and also the 2nd Assistant director in Hercules: The Brave and The Bold.

Not only does he act in movies but he enjoys going to the movies, Joe also enjoys volunteering for not for profit organizations in an around the St.Louis area community.

Mr. McGettigan was recently quoted stating "I’ve always been in love with the movies and now that I have the opportunity to be in front of the camera as well as on the production side it allows me to see first-hand everything that goes into making “movie magic.”

Joe brought his behind the scene crew talents to the short film "To Inflict" as a production assistant and associate producer.
Following his key roles behind the scenes with "To Inflict" Joe has been called upon again by the same production company to produce and also play a key recurring role as Principal Guidry in Up on High Ground. 

Character Profile
Principal Guidry (Joe McGettigan) – Guidry is a very straightforward easy to understand leader of East Valley High. Principal Guidry
is also the leader and spearheaded the movement to rid the district of a school board taking it on himself among a few other hand
picked selected teachers. Guidry a Buddhist, works well with the Christian community, as well as others, finding ways to resolve

their differences to not only co-exist but also thrive. 

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Joe McGettigan at The Internet Movie Database

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as Mr.Neil Rowley

 Neil McDonald is an actor, director, substitute teacher and semi-retired from the printing industry in which he worked for over 20 years.

Neil came to the St. Louis area ready to begin anew, the theatrical life he put on hold for all those years while he chose to maintain a career and his family, wife Kari and son Connor.  Originally from the Sierras in California, he moved to Seattle after graduate school, and fate brought Kari and Neil together at a bus stop. They have now been together more than 26 years.  When Kari was offered a position in St. Louis that was far too rewarding for either of them to pass up, they left the Northwest and relocated in 2006.  At Kari’s urging, and a surprise gift of a head shot sitting with a local photographer, Neil is now ready to take on “The Biz” anew. 

Neil’s past credits include a workshop of five musicals in ten weeks with Tom Lehrer; was a founding member of Central California Conservatory Theatre where he performed in Damn Yankees! and Fiddler on the Roof; a cameo in the 1980’s cult film Radioactive Dreams; voice over work for Public Television in Southern California; multiple roles in plays and musicals including Guys and Dolls, Fiorello!, Pal Joey; Girl Crazy, Outward Bound, Witness for the Prosecution, Anything Goes; and directing projects including The Birthday Party, Lily the Felon’s Daughter, and Beyond the Box, an original one act first produced at Cal State Fullerton.

Neil played two roles in the short film “To Inflict” the role of Mr. Berman, the boss of the main character and Chelsea’s dad. (Voiceover role on the telephone).

Working again with many of the same actors and producers McDonald was a coveted and essential piece to the casting puzzle when the scripts were in development for Up on High Ground. McDonald  portrays an on edge teacher and have a pivitol role in many of the early all ready written scripts.

Character Profile
Mr. Neil Rowley (Neil McDonald) A Teacher at East Valley High, A community leader and friend to many. Mr. Neil and Principal Guidry have glaring differences between guiding and leading the school as a teacher and as leaders. The glaring differences are depicted to key philosophical visions on the outcome of student’s path to success and the monetary disbursement of very little funds. For all their arguments, all of their surface differences, the two are quite similar. Both are men of resolute vision for education.

He is also a newly appointed school advisory council member, by default not by choice. 

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Neil McDonald at The Internet Movie Database

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Malissa Williams

as Miri Cyanne 

Malissa is an only child living with her parents and currently attending school at Incarnate Word Academy in St Louis, MO.  She attended St. Joseph’s School in St. Charles and 2 different schools during 2 years while living in Hawaii.

She has always loved acting at a young age and mostly performed in plays through school.  She has also been a member of the St. Charles County Youth Choir for the past 6 years and spent 5 years playing the flute.  Her acting career began when she heard a commercial on the radio for an audition being held near her house for a convention called the “The Event”.  She auditioned for “The Event” and made it but stated "my family decided not to participate and pursue a local agency instead."

Shortly thereafter Malissa joined Images Agency receiving agency representation and was enrolled in professional basic acting classes while also taking private lessons with Kate Frisina-White. In 2011 Malissa was one of 20 Images Agency actors chosen to attend iPOP which is the "International Presentation of Performers" in Los Angeles, California.  Her performance at iPOP earned her representative with The Crawford Agency and later she joined Now Talent in St. Louis.

Malissa was cast in a supporting role in her first feature film Hercules: The Brave and the Bold in 2012. After being cast in Hercules she stated "I am really excited to be a part of this film and get my career going."

 The Up on High ground producer and Co-creator Bryan Kreutz asked Malissa to play the role of Miri on the final day they were both filming Hercules: The Brave and The Bold.

Character Profile
Miri Cyanne (Malissa Williams), is a high-school smart chick with style, who portrays herself as a cool geek. She is BFF's with Erin O'Byrne and more than an expert Jazz flute player and a varsity volleyball co-captain at East valley high. 
Very confident in herself Miri states if you want something you have to go for it.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Malissa Williams at The Internet Movie Database

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as Mrs.Hialeah

Sarah Cotton is a Missouri native, who currently lives, works, and acts in St. Louis. She's been in a number of different St. Louis film projects including the recent Slenderman found footage film. She trains with the Creative Actor's Workshop.

With her extensive acting experience and ongoing effort to polish her acting even more the producers cast her for the role of Hileah without a second thought.

Character Profile

Psychology teacher at East Valley High School. 
Emotionally raw, and unreserved, she is driven by her human spirit. Mrs. Hialeah Oxendine is particularly proud of her direct approach and intense teaching style.
In the pilot episode Hialeah is shown speaking in front of her class with an emotionally driven statement to her students. She is close friends with fellow teacher Mr.Neil Rowley, but is not too fond of his best friend Mr.Stu Charles, whom is soon discovered to be under a school scandal she wants no part of.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Sarah Cotton at The Internet Movie Database

Behind the Scenes photos of Sarah Cotton
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as Jaris Sundin 

Courtni Aries is an actress and practicing school teacher in the nearby St. Louis Missouri area.
She Works well with all ages; particularly in the field of acting. She has played an aged character Maude, fiance, stepmother, and now the role of a widowed mom of 3. Courtni's personality and previous experience on her last film project helped spearhead the producers idea to create her role in Up on High Ground as she was perfect for the part of Jaris. In addition to acting in many theater productions in the St. Louis metro area she has also directed numerous productions. Courtni has Conversational Spanish skills and plays the flute.

Character Profile
Jaris Sundin is a widowed supermom, mother of two high school kids Hayley and Griffin , and a pre-teen Roxy. Often misunderstood for being so alike in many ways Jaris see's her eldest daughter Hayley as a mirror image of her own personality.
Jaris has found that her early twenties college neighbor Dillon to be as much as anyone could ask for as a “filler father figure” after the death of her husband, Johan. However when she is nearing the end of her latest pregnancy she seeks comfort and a relationship with East Valley School board member Michael Blake.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Courtni Aries at The Internet Movie Database

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as Roxy Sundin

In just a few short years of acting, she has been able to be a part of several films, stage productions and commercials.

Some of her favorite on camera projects have been playing Suzy in Suzy's Limeade for Federal Express, Emily in Reprisal and Emma in Four Square Law.

Stage credits include A Doll's House and The Good Person of Setzuan with St.Louis Actors' Studio, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Above Arts at St.Louis Family Church and The Nutcracker with Missouri Ballet Theatre.

She was cast to play Roxy Sundin in July 2013. Producers saw she had an increasing ability to adapt to many scenes and dialogue given her young age.

Character Profile Roxy Sundin is the youngest daughter of Jaris. Her older siblings twins; Hayley and Griffin, seem to let her tag long to their activities like basketball among others. She is often making unusual but thought provoking references to gain attention from her family.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Aliyah Studt at The Internet Movie Database

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 as Kaidence Crews

Jamie Fritz; born in St.Louis, Missouri is an American Actress in stage and film. Jamie's background includes a BA in Theater and Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Lindenwood University in 2007. Fritz spent the majority of her time working on stage productions with companies such as Gitana Productions and JPEK Creative Works, among others. Fritz wrapped filming with Director Tim Becker's production "I Came Upon a Midnight Fear" in 2013, the third time she has participated in a production under Becker with CMB Entertainment. Invited as a walk-on to play the supporting character Counselor Kaidence Crews in "Up on High Ground" by Producer Bryan Kreutz.

Character Profile

A bubbly blonde guidance counselor and detention overseer who is known to be in Principal Guidry’s business and always willing to help out at East Valley Academy.

Essentially she can be sarcastic but be serious about her accusations and affirmations.

She is responsible for having the in-school restraining order go into effect after counseling rival students Savannah Swanson and Erin O’Byrne.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Jamie Fritz at The Internet Movie Database


Behind the Scenes Photos of Jamie Fritz
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 as Ms.Fritz 

 Allison Shadwick was born in St. Louis, Missouri and has lived her whole life in the same house in Belleville, Illinois. That was until she moved to Los Angeles, CA in June of 2010 to further her acting career. Allison has always been close to her family, her mom, 3 older sisters and her younger brother; her father passed away when she was 8 years old in 1996.

Allison's dream has always been to act. For as long as she can remember she has always pictured herself as the characters she watched. In grade school Allison was in several plays. She was in school plays, the local high school plays as a child chorus member and was in drama summer camp at the local high school. Allison grew up being very shy and reserved; which held her back from auditioning for lead roles. Allison's shyness and fear of the stage carried with her through high school; instead of joining the drama club she went to the plays to watch. Now in Los Angeles Allison finally auditioned for a play and got a part in 2011.

After Allison graduated high school in 2006 she decided she did not want to waste any more time and did what she could to start acting. She received her first roles as an extra in 2 films in 2006; for the first time she got to see how everything really works and fell in love. From then on Allison continued working in local films, TV, internet and a commercial. In 2009 Allison received her first lead role for a film in Jefferson City, MO. Even though Allison got the part she wanted to be a better actress and build her skills. Therefore, she began taking Acting lessons in Brentwood, MO with Scott-Arthur Allen at "The Creative Actors Workshop" for several months and took a semester of film classes at Southwestern Illinois College. Allison worked with the group in Jefferson City, MO for a year and was the lead in 3 uncompleted films.

Allison decided to take her acting career to the next level and make the big move to Los Angeles, CA in June of 2010. Since Allison has lived in the Los Angeles area she has had several auditions, worked on a few films, a commercial, and an internet TV series and is now in a play. She has also been to several acting workshops, seminars, classes, an improv class and took a film fighting class for 2 months with Bob Goodwin at Film Fighting LA.

All of these experiences have helped Allison grow not only as an actress but also as a person. She is determined and ready to advance in her acting career and she will not stop until it happens.

Character Profile Ms.Fritz is the lead music teacher and Show Choir administrator at East Valley Academy. She has taken Savannah Swanson under her wing and then some, giving her before hand knowledge of a new show choir elective with the inside track on how to excel in the auditions.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Allison Shadwick at The Internet Movie Database

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As Khalil Burris

Lawson Burris is an American actor who grew up in Missouri. He has been represented by four talent agencies, two in Hollywood California and two in St.Louis Missouri.

He started acting at a very young age which includes promotional experience with the St.Louis Cardinals, TV commercial experience with Pulaski Bank, and roles in two films including "Safe Zone".

He also has an interest in drums, choir, soccer, karate, and skate boarding.

Character Profile Khalil is best friends with Griffin Sundin and a Muny Stage actor kid with Griffin. Khalil has lost most of his family, when his grandmother passes away early on in the series he attempts to commit suicide in the classroom. Student teacher Dillon Magnum is called by Christ to take Khalil in and care for him until his uncle from Oklahoma can move to St.Louis and care for him.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Lawson Burris at The Internet Movie Database

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as Thea Swanson

My name is Jessica Jordan. I come from a large family. I have 3 sisters, 4 brothers, and 14 nieces and nephews plus in laws. I have been acting since I was 9 yrs. and I love it. I love being on set and watching the finished film. I have also been in dance since I was 2 yrs, currently with the Adams School of Dance of O'Fallon, IL. Some of my hobbies are scrap-booking, and playing with my pet ducks. I also like camping, hiking, and archery.

Character Profile

Thea is a freshman and close with her sophomore sister Savannah and friend Sydney. Although she is popular and well liked she has a quiet side and uncharacteristically for a popular girl she likes Star Trek and science fiction. She claims she is not a nerd though likes to be entertained by it; she is most definitely not a geek but sometimes dresses a bit like one. Thea has been interning at a veterinary clinic and works part time at a pet store between high school classes.

Known for her unique hairstyles she also has a flash for a dramatic dance or song while being apart of East Valley Academy's Madrigal Show Choir.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Jessica Jordan at The Internet Movie Database

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as Shane Sumner

Conner Lee is an American actor who lives in St.Louis, Missouri

Conner Lee is best known for his work on Up On High Ground which wrapped shooting in summer 2015.

Conner Lee started his acting career when he was 17. After modeling for several years his agent recommended he start taking some acting classes. After training for a couple months he landed his first role in a movie shot by Chris Chi. After the film was complete he started auditioning for several films. Before landing his next role, Conner continued his training with Carrie Houk. At the age of 21, Conner has continued his career in acting. Conner is in production for Up On High Ground.

Conner Lee grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri attending De Smet Jesuit High School.

Conner Lee attended Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville.

Conner started off as a model before transitioning to acting..

Character Profile Shane is involved in a love triangle, torn between Savannah Swanson and Londyn Downey. Caught with Londyn in a cafe, having what appears to be a date, Savannah is up-hauled and walks out on Shane seemingly for good. Shane is quiet, but everyone listens when he speaks up. In class he often finishes others conversations with a strong or short sarcastic statement.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Conner Lee at The Internet Movie Database

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as Londyn Downey


Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Brianna Langford at The Internet Movie Database

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Stephanie Swink - Actress - Teagan - Up on High Ground - TV

as Teagan Janney

Stephanie Swink was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and attends Oakville Senior High.  She started performing in School Theater productions at the age of 7.  She enjoyed it so much, she continued on the acting path throughout Elementary and Middle school.  She was cast as "Cassandra", Hercules' best friend, in Hercules: The Brave and The Bold" in 2012.  She also enjoys singing and has even tried out for America's Got Talent.  Currently she participates in the OHS Color Guard and will be taking up the French horn for the OHS Symphonic band. Stephanie's passions include: performing – whether acting or singing, writing, photo and video editing, animation and film production, graphic design and story board drawing as well as costume design. Upon being cast for the role of Teagan in the spring of 2013, Stephanie stated she is really excited for this opportunity.

Character Profile
Teagan is a sophomore at East Valley Academy and close friend of Savannah and Sydney.
She is apart of the schools new Show choir elective and is known for her unique and fashionable daily sets of clothes she wears to school.

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Andrew Childs as Jimmy

as Jimmy Wyatt

Character Profile Best friend of Shane he is siting back on the bleachers in the East Valley Academy gym after school waiting to give a ride home to Savannah. Jimmy is a menzie or at-least that's what Savannah Swanson calls him and Shane for waiting around and being controlled by her every whim and thoughts.

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Screen captured pictures of Andrew Childs

as Judge Jefferies 

Jeff graduated from Duchesne High School, in St.Charles, Missouri and took up theater while there. He was an ideal person to fit the role of judge Jeffries, and was initially asked to do photography for the series first before talking to producers about playing a supporting role.

Character Profile
Mr. Jefferies is a non school affiliated show choir audition judge from the Southern Illinois district. His first appearance is in episode 2 in the East Valley Academy auditorium with the high school students performing in front of him and trying out for the new Show Choir. He is a bit Jaded and makes a few name pronunciation mistakes, but is visually a very focused judge in the matter of show choir.

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as Veronika Earney

    Emma is thrilled to be a part of Up On High Ground, both as an actor and writer. She feels privileged to be working with such a talented cast and crew. She won't ever forget the day that she and Bryan (Kreutz) bonded over their obsession with Star Trek.
    Emma first started acting at a young age, involved more in theatre productions rather than film. She loved the sense of community among her fellow theatre friends, and adored the thrill of performing onstage. She hopes to one day land a role in the movie adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien's The Silmarillion, which we all know will be made into a movie because it's amazing.  In 2012, she was cast as Thalia in an independent student film called Hercules: The Brave and the Bold.
    Emma hopes to attend college for either book publishing, or media communications.

Character Profile
Elegant and fashionable, strong
willed. Veronika is the daughter of a former U.K. alternative rock group producer, and
former East Valley High bad girl, she cleans up her act after new boyfriend Dillon takes her under his wing making her the love of his life.
Her on again off again relationship with Dillon is at the forefront of discussions on her non-religious upbringing between her and Dillon.

er Night's Dream  to my most recent Musical Comedy Murders of 194

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as Mr.Stu Charles 

 Charles started Acting his Freshman year in College and has many years of performing experience.

Charles has appeared in over 130 Stage, Film, Video, and Audio Productions, mostly in the St. Louis Area. Including films "Walther" and "Logan".
His most recent film appearance was in the feature film Hercules: The Brave and The Bold as Menoitus.

He enjoys Reading, Traveling, Sports, and some television viewing. 

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As Grant Kosanovich

Igor Stevanovic was born on June 20, 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia. He is an actor, director, and producer, known for Postbellum (2011), Opelo za Bobija Fisera (2010) and the animated short "Alopecia Areata" that participated in the St.Louis International Film festival in 2013.

 Character Profile

Grant is known for coordinating neighborhood basketball games and offers to help Griffin Sundin some tips and lessons about the game. He was referenced in fighting and even breaking a bottle over someones face at Dillon's apartment. He works as a bartender at a fine dining cafe with Hayley Sundin.

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as Ms.Lara Camille

A singer first, Camille started acting in high school, starting, naturally, with musicals.  She fell in love with performing early, and has been active in the arts most of her life: singing, acting, modeling, writing and painting all keep her quite busy.  Fiddler on the Roof, Sweet Charity, and West Side Story include some of her favorite roles.  Most of her experience is in theater, but she also sings with a local St Louis band, Featherstone Drive.

Character Profile  Essentially Ms. Camille is a teacher that goes against the grain for a private christian school teacher. She is talking about college guys and explicit details with the girl students and practically seduces student teacher Dillon in front of the class.

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as Emma Loughborough

Dacey Geary is an American actress who grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri.

She as a tremendous amount of theatre experience in acting, growing up from school plays, to community theatre shows, classes and camps. Notably "Master Class in Acting" at the Intl Thespian Fest and the "Shakespeare Summer Intensive" at the STL Shake Festival.

She played two roles in "Midsummer Night's Dream" at Shake Fest STL and Juliet in Romeo & Juliet at the same event. Her acting abilities and on camera prescense stood out on her first film job in a St.Louis based independent film, so much that she was asked to play the role of Emma the student Librarian in "Up on High Ground".

Dacey is represented by the same talent agent as the "Up on High Ground" program creator/Producer Bryan Kreutz as well as three other actors in the TV Show.

Character Profile Emma is a student librarian at East Valley Academy. Emma makes a spectacle of popular girl Sydney Ashdown when her grandfather with Alzheimers walks into the library early in the series. But shows sympathy for Sydney's best friend Savannah when Emma finds her crying in her car over guy issues in the pilot episode.

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 as Melody Hull

As an actress Ashley is known in the St.Louis area for playing the role of pleasure in the St. Louis Independent feature film Hercules: The Brave and The Bold. 

Ashley is a musical theatre major at Grand Center Arts Academy and will graduate in 2016.

She started acting at the age of 8 when she enrolled in her first acting camp.  She has loved it ever since.

She has performed in numerous community theatre productions all over St Louis.

Her favorite roles include Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Erzulie in Once on this Island Jr.. 

Ashley has taken dance lessons at Leaping Lizards Performing Arts studio since she was 6 years old.

She is also a member of Leaping Lizards Onstage Performing group. 

She also studies voice and piano with Tayor Pietz.

Character Profile  Great singer who is neutral in her friendships often playing the mediator in arguments or careless convo's involving her many friends and is clearly the voice of reason. She is often seen sitting with Khalil and is actively pursuing him to be in a relationship.

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as Ellie Cross

Tessa is the youngest of three girls and her oldest sister lives in Champaign with her husband and roommate.

   “I love acting and recently attended the premiere of the first movie I have ever been in, "Hercules: the Brave and the Bold". I am also in an upcoming movie, The Unknown Factor, which as been put on hold until next year. On top of it all, I am taking part in a coming TV series, Up on High Ground (of course) most everyone that has seen me act says I have a natural talent for it and I'm also frequently complimented on my appearance (mostly my eyes) and intellect. I hope to become a well-known and respected actress in the future along with going through college. I am thrilled to be part of this series, thank you.”

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 Character Profile

Ellie is a sophomore at East Valley Academy. Ellie tries to stay out of her parents way. She has a brother who goes to college out of state with a serious girlfriend still living in the St. Louis area. Essentially, Ellie wants to be left alone, not helped. However, she is subconsciously begging for someone to save her though she keeps her problems a secret, fearing her friends, teachers, and family will be ashamed of her or send her to a hospital. She often wishes her brother was home to protect her and she could tell him everything that she's bottling up. Ellie often thinks about "The Final Solution" (suicide) but is terrified of the mess she'd leave in her place. All in all, Ellie seems like a normal 16 year old girl, but it goes much deeper than her calm demeanor.

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as Tessa Stockton

Taylor Vandelicht is an American actress who grew up in "America's Hometown", Hannibal, Missouri. She will graduate in 2017 from Quincy Notre Dame High School.

She started acting at the age of 8 when she was in her school's drama program. She has done mostly theatre, growing up from school plays, to community theatre shows, classes and camps. Her dream has always been to do film work.

She got her first film job in a St.Louis based independent film, "Hercules: The Brave and The Bold". Taylor started dance and gymnastics at the age of 6, as well as martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do, in which she received her 1st degree Black Belt when she was only 10 years old.

Taylor has also been a member of her school show choir "Pirate Singers".  In addition,   Taylor was selected as a city of Hannibal ambassador in the National Tom and Becky program, where she served as a "Becky Thatcher" from 2012-2013.

 During her time as Becky, Taylor portrayed the role of a young girl from the 1840's in Hannibal.  Taylor is very outgoing and is an "A" Honor Roll student.

She is also very athletic and enjoys  spending her free time involved in different sports, including softball, volleyball, gymnastics and pole vaulting.

Character Profile Very talented athlete, Tessa can be sarcastic and very straight forward. Tessa is in the Savannah and Sydney popular group of girls at East Valley Academy and is best friends with Thea. Tessa often is seen hovering around Griffin and speaks her mind about how she feels about him, even like a girlfriend without officially being his girlfriend. She is athletic, playing on the girls basketball and track team.

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as Tara Giordano

I've been acting for a couple years, and have developed a huge passion for it. I love working on films, the feeling I get from it is amazing. I hope to go to LA and move there soon. I went to Lafayette High School, and have worked on numerous films in the Saint Louis Area.

I am also a singer, and hope to be releasing my "single" very soon. Besides acting, I love to spend time with my family and bake cakes and cookies.

Character Profile Tara is Landon's girlfriend and works in a retail store folding clothes and towels. She emphasizes how Pie Pizza restaurant needs to be the exclusive place for her and Landon versus just being another pizza place for the roommate guys that live with Cody.

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 as Minister George

Lec Zorn, 42, is a versatile Indianapolis based actor and screenwriter who has completed 21 on screen roles.

Originally a musician, Lec discovered in his late 30s that film was a better outlet for emotional expression.

In addition to "Up on High Ground," the highlights of his career include the John Semper ("Fraggle Rock," "Clifford the Big Red Dog") live action mini-series "Creeporia," the feature comedy "Healing the Stupid" starring Kelly Thiebaud ("Hostel Part III," "General Hospital"), the mini-series "Between Heaven and Hell," and an episode of the National Geographic Channel series "How to Survive the End of the World." Lec is also slated to play the main bad guy in the upcoming mystery-thriller "The Contest."

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as Ryan Beyda

Character Profile 

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as Juliana  (Veronika's Best Friend)

Emily began acting when she was 7 years old as a ladybug in Alice in Wonderland.  She continued acting until she was 12.

After a long break from theater in 2012 Emily returned to acting in her first film Hercules: The Brave and The Bold. In 2013 she landed the small role of Veronika's best friend on the TV Pilot "Up on High Ground".

She also enjoys running, drawing, painting, singing, and dancing.

Emily is also in the process of learning how to play guitar.  She is currently attending Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

Character Profile: High School Co-Valedictorian along with her best friend Veronika Earney at East Valley Academy a year before season one of Up on High Ground.
Juliana gives Dillon a dose of advice first hand and as her last words in person, knowing she's college bound. Her girl perspective advice is about slamming Christianity, or what Juliana refers to as "Catholocism" down her best friend Veronika's throat as she puts it, that Dillon is doing in her first appearance.  
She is not referred to by the name Juliana until later in season one when Principal Guidry is surpised to see her in the High School library covering for her former teacher Mr.Neil as a favor while he's tutoring.

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as Jeremy Estrada 

Character Profile Jeremy is a freshman student and basketball player at East Valley Academy. He is Teagan Janney's romantic interest, when seen closely huddled with her in the library while he's supposed to be studying in detention. Although he is not seen competing in the show choir competitions, he hangs around Erin often and her friends Hayley and Tessa at rehearsals.

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as Grandpa Ashdown

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as Gemmah Qiáo

Sara Lin is an actress, Photographer and award winning Production designer.

In early 2014 she was apart of the art department for the short film Me+Her which won Best Animation at the Aspen Shortfest and the was nominated for the short film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film festival.

Her Drama studies go back to high school where she graduated from Parkway West High and then went on to Saint Louis University in 2013 where she received her BFA Studio Arts in 2013.

Sara brings her experience to the Television set of Up on High Ground designing many set pieces and plays an integral role as the girlfriend of couch crasher Bogroe.  

Character Profile Girlfriend of the freeloading roommate Bogroe. Gemmah often goes by Gem for a shorter nickname. She is a co-owner of the St.Louis fantasy Shop Comic Book Store with her older over protective brother who's the only living relative with her in the U.S.A. She is often randomly popping into Bogroe's apartment to cook for the boys and put on a show with her looks and personality in the kitchen.
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 Behind the scenes photos and screen captures of Sara Lin

 as Berlin Downey


Character Profile Senior at East Valley Academy and oldest sister of Londyn Downey. She is introverted and wants to sing while often attending coffee house Karaoke with friends and her sister. Berlin declines pressure from friends and mainly her extroverted sister Londyn to audition for the new high school show choir.
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 as Vanessa

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 as Charissa Kirk

 At such a young age Grace has an extensive background in musical theater productions, including: Fiddler on the Roof, Butterfinger Angel, Sound of Music, Cabaret, Little Mermaid, Nutcracker, and Annie. Additionally she is among the select few who are a part of the Muny Kid Touring Group @ The Muny of St. Louis Missouri.

Playing the character of Charissa Kirk, Grace has the distinction of being the last regular recurring cast member to be added to the series cast before its finale.

Character Profile Freshman at East Valley Academy, Charissa is seen among the Madrigal Show Choir performers late in the season. She performs a solo song that is undoubtedly part of the success of her school advancing to the state finals. Among being friends with Erin and Miri she also has a sense of humor by poking fun at her friend Erin with a Disney Merida reference in the final episode.

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Behind the Scenes Photos of Grace Clark 

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                                         as Wil

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Mark Van Donsel at The Internet Movie Database 

Character Profile Wil is a teacher and East Valley Academy school board member seen in a school board meeting. He is close to teacher Lara Camille as he alludes to in a story. He's glamorously telling other teachers about her straightforward no nonsense upfront style with a student in his first appearance.

Screen Captured Photos of Mark Van Donsel

                                         as Jake 

Stone is a highly talented person in front of and behind the camera. He's trained with the best on the production side from Art Institute and been in theater much of his teen years. He was cast to play the longest running mentioned character in the script who was never seen until finally appearing late in season 1, the role of Jake. He is also a Production Assistant for the TV series.

Character Jake is Sydney Ashdown's endearing high school senior boyfriend, going on 8 months as of the next to last episode, he points this out to her even though she is sure its only been 6 months. Moments later Jake makes a heartfelt move to solidify his relationship with Sydney by surprising her with a promise ring. Sydney is very happy by the sweet gesture and accepts the ring with a kiss for Jake. He was mentioned in several early episodes, but is first seen getting the third degree of expectations from Ms. Camille about staying out of detention.

Filmography link and data courtesy of IMDB.COM Stone Birkner at The Internet Movie Database

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 as Jayda O'Byrne

Kailynne is an actress and Ballet, Pointe, Tap, and Jazz Dancer. At 9 years old Kailynne performed with the Moscow Ballet in its production of the "Great Russian Nutcracker". She has an extensive background in Theatre including roles in Lil’ Abner, Into The Woods, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. She is also a Runway model, having appeared in St. Louis Magazine Fashion’s Night out.

Playing the character of Jayda O'Byrne, Kailynne has the distinction of being cast as the last guest star to have a speaking role with relation to a main cast member. She appeared in the Up on High Ground series in its finale episode when Director Bryan Kreutz offered her a walk-on role, having known she was highly talented and sharing the same agent at the time.

Character Jayda is the eldest of three sisters in the O'Byrne family. She is particularly close to her youngest sister Erin, whom she is first seen clothes shopping with. Like most sisters the two have a lot in common,  fondness for clothes, the need to be in on gossip stories, and most noticeably, their identically long curly red hair. Jayda calls herself "The queen of shopping for quality clothes", when giving sisterly advice about the hot spots to shop as opposed to Erin's choice. She attends college outside of St.Louis when telling Erin she has to go back to college on Monday and is in town for a few short days.

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