Mrs. Hialeah Oxendine (Sarah Cotton), Psychology teacher at East Valley Academy. Straightforward, Late- 20's, emotionally raw, and unreserved, she is driven by her human spirit.

She goes by the nickname Hi as the other teachers call her this for short, namely Mr.Neil.

Hialeah is particularly proud of her Grecian and British roots. She insists her students call her by her first name Hialeah, which is of Native American-Cherokee origin. She is happily married mentioning this often to her students. She gets pregnant in the first season showing signs of a big belly towards the season finale.

In the very first scene of pilot episode Hialeah is shown speaking in front of her class with an emotionally driven statement to her students.
"I want to be that teacher that crosses the line. The one you remember... a teacher
whose passion for students inspires them to go that extra step... apply to colleges
with the intent of doing more than just a job, but graduate with a final step
towards a life changing line of work... I will mold your mind and thought process to
one that will succeed"

Hialeah is known for making it a point to talk to each one of her students almost
every day – asking them about their lives, goals, dreams, and encouraging them or
answering questions and giving advice as needed.

A junior student, Khalil, harbors a crush on her and sometimes imagines that she
feels the same way. Emotionally charged and engaged personally with her students
she makes it evident that she does not feel the same mutually towards Khalil and
that he is mistaken to misplace the feelings of romance in this case for an absence
of his deceased mother. Khalil is the only noticeable student who calls her Mrs.
Oxendine. Khalil does this out of spite for his failed crush on her which she always
corrects. In the next to last first season episode, a pregnant Mrs. Oxendine needs
Khalil to drive her to the hospital on the day of his long awaited first madrigal show
choir event as she's going into labor and can't find her husband. A cliffhanger of
sorts is evident when her husband never arrives with Khalil still by her side for the
birth as the two kiss after the child is born.

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