Hayley Sundin (Molly Cravens), a 15-year-old "verbally-vivacious" girl in high school, wise beyond her years, with an irreverent, optimistic outlook on life, very sarcastic, she is a cute girl who just wants to fit in. She is often misunderstood with her jokes and sarcasm being over the head of her classmates, her siblings, and even her mother. One person who understands her and laughs along with her unique humor is her neighbor Dillon Magnum. She has a habit of walking into her neighbors apartment occupied by three guy roommates without knocking then making an awkward observation or off the wall comment upon entry. Her infamous catchphrase is a very sarcastic and distinctive phrase ("Do we have to start like this") that she normally says after a rude or snide comment.

Things go from bad to worse when she gets in an apparent ongoing argument with her mom regarding getting a job solely to pay for a limo so she can go to a school dance with a guy who doesn’t have a job to pay for it. Hayley has a like for "You-tubing It"

In a first season episode, she comments that "YouTube rocks for free" specifically stating “it's called amateur You tubing.” Her father, a Swedish professional basketball player passed away at a young age and she relies upon her single mother and neighbor Dillon for parental influences.

She is in the East Valley Academy Show Choir after a strong solo singing performance for the try out auditions in an episode, but is notably missing from the choir later due to a sickness.

Hayley lives near Granite City, IL in an apartment across from Dillon with her mother Jaris, sister Roxy and twin brother Griffin.

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