Griffin Sundin (Matthew Becker), is a show choir singer, multi-talented dancer, and basketball player who gets private lessons from East Valley High varsity coach Landon Lofton during his high school freshmen year. He's 15, outgoing, open-minded, athletic, he is very extroverted and is unusually family oriented, probably due to being the only man left in the house after his father passed away. Griffin lives near Granite City, IL in an apartment across from Coach Landon and Dillon with his Mother Jaris and sisters Roxy and Hayley, his twin. Griffin is best friends with Khalil, a classmate in a higher grade level at the local high school. In an early season 1 episode Khalil is texting Griffin non-stop almost to an annoying state when Griffin cuts him off with a statement that he is sick. The flu sickness Griffin has spreads like an epidemic throughout the school affecting almost everyone.

Griffin goes by the nickname “Tempo” as he tells his sister Roxy at an indoor gym basketball game because of his speed.

Griffin carries himself as a confident guy, but inside he hides a sad past. He dreamed of becoming a world renowned basketball star following in his father’s footsteps; however his father recently passed away. In an early episode, Griffin wants to bring over a basketball video highlighting his father’s career moments, but falls Ill before doing so.

In the third episode Griffin mentions to Dillon that East Valley Academy recently retired his father’s Basketball Jersey number, # 7 and he would like to wear this jersey number in his honor. Griffin is the son of the late Johan Sundin, a Swedish basketball league great in the Ligan, meaning simply the “League” in Sweden.

An accomplished dancer from an early age Griffin attends "The Dance portal" a studio near St. Louis mentioned in an early season 1 episode.

Griffin also references that the Harlem Shake (dance) YouTube videos are a rip-off of his favorite Flexing (dance). Griffin describes the true dance style is from street dancing in Brooklyn, New York where his instructor characterizes this style with rhythmic contortionist movements combined with waving, tutting, and gliding. Griffin states he's a Flex dancer, referred to as Flexors. 

A friend to many girls, particularly new East Valley Academy transfer student Tessa Stockton, Griffin appears annoyed by her presuming they are together as a couple in an early episode. Later in season one, it is evident that Griffin and Erin have feelings for each other and become the schools popular couple. Erin is a sophomore and Griffin is a freshman, but his younger age is not a factor as in every moment together he his evidently in love as the young man frequently kissing and loving his girl Erin.

Griffin and Erin become the school couple and are always happily seen together. On a somber note, when Griffin proclaims his true feelings of love for Erin, he knows she is leaving for acting school in Ireland for the upcoming summer.

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