Erin O’Byrne (Erin Morris), is a sophomore high-school drama class president as a student at East Valley academy. Erin is a pretty red haired girl who sings as an integral part of the state finalist show choir team. She’s 15, but doesn’t drive, straightforward, open-minded, and athletic, she is introverted and knows she intimidates Savannah Swanson her classmate rival with her strong mind and smarts. 

Erin mentions to her best friend Miri that her in-school restraining order with Savannah shouldn’t restrict her from participating in a new school show choir. Erin who plays acoustic guitar and sings solos makes the show choir team after auditions are held. Erin and her best friend Miri are often found talking about their results and hopes for their school Show choir and even making comments about a hot student guy name Eban who is never seen.

Evident by very vocal and seemingly subtle class notes and harsh looks at each other, Erin and Savannah are singled out by Mrs. Hialeah. The two girls must stand front and center in psychology class as do not do examples, and are assigned an ongoing cooperative project to meet outside of school and complete it together.

Erin's mom Avril plays an active role in Erin's learning experience. In an early episode her mom confronts Principal Guidry and teacher Hialeah for bringing an ongoing feud in front of the class as a learning lesson involving her daughter and classmate rival Savannah.

Savannah knows Erin’s drama presidency is up for a re-considering by Ms. Fritz, who treats her like a teacher’s pet. Over the phone, before school, Sydney and Savannah plot to audition for multiple roles knowing they will put Ms. Fritz in a position to choose between the two of them, Mara, and Erin for who’s a better actress.  

In the fifth episode Erin's classmate rival Savannah Swanson insists on infringing on the Drama Club auditioning process by telling the class about it before Ms. Camille walks in to take control of the class. Savannah wants to play more than one role herself, even though she has never acted before. Erin, has of course, cast herself as the lead role “Ariel” in this rendition of Hans Christian Andersen's the Little Mermaid to the dismay of Savannah.

Later on Erin convinces her parents to let her study abroad during the summer after she auditions online for the Abbey School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland.

 Erin develops a quick crush on her younger, freshman classmate, Griffin Sundin, as the two eventually become a very stable couple. The new couple are boldly found making out in the library by Principal Guidry while Griffin is supposed to be in detention, but they play it cool when caught.

Erin is noticeably close to her college aged sister Jayda, who’s in St. Louis for some valuable one on one time to spend shopping with her in the final episode.

 Erin’s quote to her bitter class rival Savannah, after the two finally have a mutual grown up understanding of each other and make peace. “Everyone... including me knows you will always top the guys list who want to make you their girlfriend, you're that blonde who turns heads. You’re thee attention getter for a good reason, with your personality too… there's no denying that! Our jealousy for each other runs high, but I always knew this day would come where we can co-exist and understand each other’s positive personality traits and flaws.”

“I used to hate my red hair, I’ve put up with a fair share of harassment, but now I love the attention I get with it. For so long Savannah, I thought your negative attention towards me was mainly because I was labeled as the nerdy smart kid over your miss-labeled dumb-blondness. 

I do believe my rare breed red-headed-ness plays a huge part in who I am. If I were getting all the attention as a popular blonde babe like you I probably wouldn’t want to be mislabeled for being dumb and out witted by a smart attention grabbing red-head.”


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