Dillon Magnum (Brayden Patterson), One of Landon and Bogroe’s roomates in the same apartment. Straightforward, Early 20's, dry humor, open-minded, athletic. He shares the rent with Landon. His good friend from high school Bogroe stays with him as a freeloader but Dillon takes responsibility and stands up for him knowing his old friend has fallen on hard times and makes bad business decisions. Dillon, like Landon has his own bedroom in the 2 bedroom apartment that is fully furnished in Granite City, IL.

He goes by the name Mr. Magnum, by the students he is surrounded by. He and his roommate Landon are majoring their college courses in Applied Developmental Psychology: Variability in teacher-student interactions, Continuous measurement of teacher-child interactions, and the Student Classroom Experience. Dillon is also a track instructor at East Valley Academy as the schools funds are so limited he does this on a voluntary basis. Dillon states in the first episode that he and his girlfriend Veronika are together happily, but Dillon is trying to help along his girlfriend and her addictions to alcohol. Dillon is labeled as being perfect too perfect by Veronica and she walks out on him in this second episode.

Often a fun guy to watch a hockey or basketball game with. He tends to hang around the apartment on Fridays and do college homework sometimes more than going out with the gang.

His neighbor Jaris, a widow, who is notably a few years older than Dillon and her kids are often over at his apartment as Dillon conveys the message in the pilot. He upholds the Biblical principles to love our neighbor to his roommate about being good neighbors especially to a young widow with children as he befriends Jaris and her children with an open-door policy. In an early 1st season episode Dillon reiterates this open door neighborhood apartment policy to Hayley after one of their other neighbor’s Brody drops his groceries and could use help as an example of neighborly kindness. 

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