Brody Vanderschmidt (Bryan Kreutz), one of Dillon and Landon’s neighbors in the same apartment complex. The Joker, 30's, sarcastic, immature, slight geek who doesn't know it. His apartment is barely furnished, but littered with TOYS and arcade games.

He is first seen tracking down Dillon in the apartment breezeway to tell him about an online gaming feud of words with a crazy Cajun creole kid.

Brody is divorced from an ex-wife who worked in the KGB and manages to keep it a secret until a later season 1 episode sub-story.

Brody states in the final season 1 episode that he and his X-Wife were too immature to know their true meaning and place in life at the time. And that there was no doubt they didn’t know what they wanted out of life or a soul mate at the time.

Often a fun guy to kick it with if there is no one else to hang around or you got problems and need a person to vent to, he’s a good listener.

Brody investigates deeply into typically normal situations happening around the apartment complex for a thrill. He is often seen spying and prying into others business secretly as a nosey neighbor.

He is liked by everyone in the apartment complex and is intrigued by the Sundin twins, Griffin and Hayley's like for youtube video's and gaming.

The landlord entrusts Brody to keep a watch on the complex and will let him backup the complex office duties of rent collections. This is often used as an excuse he uses for spying and prying into people’s business. 

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