Bartholomew Bogroe (Billy Patricks),commonly referred to as just Bogroe, is a former high school roommate of the two St. Louis University college students, he lives with. Bogroe, in his mid-20’s, arrives to the bittersweet door greeting of Landon, who is clearly in disagreement with his other roommate Dillon for allowing his down and out friend Bogroe to crash on their couch as TEMPORARY placement. He goes by the name Bogroe which is his last name until Landon finds out through a former classmate and X girlfriend that his real first name is Bartholomew. This classmate and X girlfriend of Bogroe’s is blatantly setup to be a blind date of Landon’s while he studies at a college café so Bogroe can get with Landon’s current girlfriend Tara. Now that more time has passed Landon labels Bogroe as a freeloader who crashed on the couch to stay a few weeks, now several months, and cracks down on Bogroe’s laziness. Landon forces him to apply for 10 jobs per day then e-mailing his confirmations back as proof. Bogroe is a freeloading roommate at the receiving end of Christ-like situational examples and being witnessed to daily even though he sins by lying and cheating his way out of making rent payments. 

 In the sixth episode, Underlying agreements, with the help of neighbor friend Brody, who knows Bogroe's dark side first hand, the two try to store away his DJ equipment in the Horseshoe apartment storage area. Brody, who is a babbling nosy neighbor, tries to play it off as if he doesn’t know when Bogroe is caught by neighbor Hayley Sundin, on his way to a money making DJ gig with his DJ equipment found by her and sleepover friend Thea. Catcalls and bribery from Hayley force his hand to the coercion of cash to keep his secret gig an unknown to Dillon and Landon.

 When Bogroe surprises his roommates with a night of quality cooked food by his new hot Asian girlfriend, Gemma, Dillon and Landon begin to wonder about a possible money making mystery, particularly by the way he is dressing and wooing such a beautiful women. The two paying roommates become even more suspicious when asking neighbor Brody if he knows something they don't about Bogroe who is also gone more often. Landon see’s Facebook pictures Brody posts that he’s with Bogroe at an expensive night club and shortly thereafter Bogroe is busted by blabbing neighbors revealing the truth of his money making. To get back at Landon’s animosity towards him, Bogroe orders an overly large batch of girl scout cookies with forgery and made payable to him at East Valley Academy school.
Brody tips off Bogroe that the roommates now know he is working on the side as a club DJ, when Hayley’s twin brother Griffin, spills the truth accidentally. In hot pursuit via Landon’s car towards the address of where Borgoe works, the roommates split up, then Dillon literally foot chases Bogroe into a final act of tragedy.

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