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About the TV program!

Logline:  A likable college psychology student is tested daily with his roomates, one in friendship, and the other on patience as a third wheel freeloader.

A life effort in the psychological, even pathological, and pretty typical day of students who make this school of no fools and broken rules.

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About the pilot episode (First episode)

-The pilot episode is a double-length episode (separated into two parts for reruns) - Running Time: 28 Minutes and 30 seconds, for each episode.

-Genre: Family Drama

-Starting with the pilot episode and into the series the story-lines will tend to rely on a continuing plot and several sub-plots that unfold in a sequential episode-by-episode fashion.

-The Pilot episode will primarily guide you through establishing the characters and some key back-stories. 

-Taped in locations around the St.Louis Metro area, Granite City, Illinois, and Arnold, Missouri


"A Pilot Tv program with true potential." -- Bryan Kreutz, Producer

"This is another example of true local talent being used in a powerful manner to uplift us all ." -- Joe McGettigan, Co-Producer

Plot summary and series synopsis

Up on High Ground is an American teen and early twenties drama television series based around East Valley Academy High school and the apartment life of college psychology students. The series, created by Bryan Kreutz and Brayden Patterson, is a half hour syndicated weekly TV series. The series premiered in Syndication on October 25, 2014 on two CW Network affiliates. It also is available on the Netflix competitor PureFlix.com.

The series revolves around the lives of two roommate college students who are majoring in Applied Developmental Psychology courses in teacher-student interactions at East Valley Academy located in a Saint Louis suburbia Upper East Side town.

The main character that the series primarily centers around is Dillon Magnum, a College Psychology student who is studying the relationships between students and teachers. Dillon, a Christian in his early 20's sets the table of being a good steward in the presence of his two roommates, neighbors, and classmates. He particularly focuses on his young widowed neighbor Jaris and her children by way of witnessing and loving thy neighbor as thyself, thus upholding Christian values in each TV episode.

The series begins with the illusion that the soon to be established College Student Dillon Magnum is the actual teacher of a high school classroom. Dillon is apartment neighbors with one of the students, Griffin, whom he is speaking to and the student has a need of a ride home instead of infecting the bus to leave school. Due to a highly contagious illness he visually displays he gets a mom approved ride home from his neighbor teacher Dillon.

Soon it is evident and established that Dillon honorably sets forth examples of his actions to Love Thy Neighbor as yourself with all understanding and with all strength. By bringing home this neighbor student it is soon established that the student has a young mother of with three kids and she is a widow needing all the help and positive male influences for her children that she can get from her apartment neighbor Dillon.

As a young early twenties college student Dillon is a rare almost out of his element steward of upright moral behavior in a world, high school, and college full of chaos and immoral behavior.

The Principal for the high school is a very straightforward and easy to understand leader of school and also the entire school council board of directors. Principal Guidry is a Buddhist and it becomes more and more evident that he and the Christian community, as well as others, find better ways to resolve their differences to not only coexist but thrive.

Dillon and his college roommate Landon are also coaches for the high school Track and Basketball teams and have a third wheel roommate Bogroe who has crashed on the couch and mooched seemingly forever.

Elements of the students high school private lives after school and in a heated audition for a new show choir elective course are at the forefront in this offbeat and turbulent drama series. At the forefront of auditions are more than obvious emotionally charged student friends Savannah and Sydney versus friends Erin and Miri.

 Regular Cast members 

Dillon Magnum (Played by Brayden Patterson), Landon Lofton (Played by Cody Jarvis), Bartholomew Bogroe (Played by Billy Patricks), Savannah Swanson (Played by Rylee Cravens), Sydney Ashdown (Played by Sydney Thomas), Griffin Sundin (Played by Matthew Becker) and Erin O’Byrne (played by Erin Morris).

Besides the seven regular cast members mentioned above, several more characters appeared in the two part pilot episode.

Many characters appear as guest stars as parents, teachers, classmates, and other relatives of the main cast. The most prominent recurring characters not in the main cast are Hayley Sundin (Played by Molly Cravens), Brody Vanderschmidt (Played by Bryan Kreutz), Neil Rowley (Played by Neil McDonald), Hialeah Oxendine (Played by Sarah Cotton) and Principal Guidry (Played by Joe McGettigan)

Some of the guest stars that have appeared more than once are Jaris Sundin (played by Courtni Aries), Ms. Fritz (Played by Allison Shadwick), Miri Cyanne (Played by Malissa Williams), Londyn Downey (Played by Brianna Langford), Thea Swanson (Played by Jessica Jordan) Roxy Sundin (Played by Aliyah Studt), Veronica Earney (Played by Emma Jane Mitchell). 


Pictured above are the three roommates, in the middle is college psychology student teacher Dillon Magnum. Left is Landon who is also a student teacher at East Valley Academy taking a psychology major at Saint Louis University. The third wheel, freeloading roommate Bogroe is on the right.

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